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ASLA Devco is a subsidiary of the ASLA Group which was established in 1973.

As part of the ASLA Group, being the backbone and support structure, ASLA Devco has access to a broad range of skills, support and resources. This experience and access to resources has created a unique competitive edge over other developers, with the resultant quality advantage passed on to the client.

ASLA Devco is a renowned turnkey property developer whose acumen and expertise is well known in the property development fraternity, particularly in the subsidy and affordable housing sector.

“focusing on low cost housing”

ASLA Devco’s experience in property development ranges over a wide spectrum from subsidy housing to upmarket commercial developments.

ASLA Devco has a proven track record in the provision of community driven subsidy housing, 35,000 houses since 1995.

ASLA Devco provides a complete one-stop service, from the identification and acquisition of land, up to the transfers of individual erven and handing over the house to the end user.

ASLA Devco’s success and competency as a turnkey implementation agent has led to the appointment of the company by several municipalities in the Western Cape and Northern Cape.

Services Rendered by ASLA DEVCO

  • Submission of project applications.
  • Obtaining necessary funding on behalf of the Municipality.
  • Engaging with local communities and facilitating individual applications for subsidies.
  • Project management of township establishment, town planning, environmental affairs and public participation processes.
  • Managing the design and installation of civil services, internal, external and bulk services.
  • Managing the design and construction of top structures.
  • Facilitate bridging finance.
  • Project management of housing projects up to the transfer of properties into the individuals’ names.


Type of work undertaken

  • Bulk Services (earthworks, pipelines, etc)
  • Township infrastructure
  • Upgrading of existing infrastructure
  • Structural Concrete (Reservoir, water treatment works, etc)
  • Road construction
  • Subsidised and affordable housing
“focus on civil engineering”

Geographical Areas of Operations

  • Eastern Cape
  • Western Cape
  • Southern Cape
  • Northern Cape